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Choose from a large variety of Technical Insulation solutions from all leading manufacturers for the best price and shipping throughout all Europe.

Choose from a large variety of Technical Insulation solutions from all leading manufacturers for the best price and shipping throughout all Europe.



  • K-Flex insulation
  • Isover insulation

    ISOVER's latest generation of innovative technology mineral wool pipe insulating sleeves that provide outstanding thermal and sound insulation combined with high-end fire protection. Designed for hot and cold water pipe insulation, as well as transmissions of various chemicals in industrial plants. Suitable for shipbuilding. The inside diameter of the sleeve is 12-324 mm, the insulation thickness is 20-120 mm, the length is 1200 mm.

  • Paroc insulation

    PAROC HVAC Section AluCoat T is a non-combustible rock wool pipe insulating sleeve for thermal and anti-condensate insulation for piping and air conduits in buildings and ships. It has a reinforced aluminum foil coating with longitudinal edges, which prevents condensation and accelerates mounting.

    The surface temperature on the coating side must not exceed + 80 ° C (the temperature limit is determined according to the heat resistance of the adhesive).

    PAROC stone wool products are able to withstand high temperatures. The binder starts to evaporate at temperatures above 200 ° C. The insulation properties do not change, but compressive strength decreases. Melting point for stone wool products is above 1000 ° C

  • NMC NomaWool insulation

    NOMA®WOOL ALU rockwool insulating pipe sections with surface coating made out of grid-reinforced aluminium foil and self-adhesive sealing cap. The refractory pipe insulation can be used for heating pipework and service water installations, pipe, air-conditioning and ventilation lines and solar leads.

    Thermal conductivity:

    • 0,032 W/mK at 0 °C
    • 0,037 W/mK at 40 °C
    • 0,055 W/mK at 150 °C

    Fire performance:

    • A2L s1 d0 (hardly inflammable)

    Temperature range:

    • from 0 °C up to +250 °C
    • melting temperature  >1000 °C
  • Rockwool insulation

    Rock wool sleeves ROCKWOOL 800 can be used as insulation for heating and hot water pipes and cold water pipes from water vapor condensate. Shell is covered with reinforced aluminum foil (with name, diameter and insulation thickness) with a self-adhesive edge (throughout the length of the shell). Due to the small amount of chloride present, the risk of corrosion of the steel system is reduced. Thanks to the internal cuts, these shells are easier to assemble on the pipes.

    The rock wool roll Lamella Mat is used for pipe, reservoir, ventilation duct,  heating system and air duct insulation. The roll is extremely durable and flexible, as it is made of vertically oriented fiber stone wool strips. The position of the fibers is perpendicular to the insulating surface and prevents it from straining under occasional stress. This roller can be coated with paper or high strength aluminum foil.

  • PE insulation
  • Armacel insulation
  • Tenapors T insulation

    Expanded polystyrene segments for thermal insulation of pipelines

    Expanded polystyrene products TENAPORS T are designed for the thermal insulation of pipelines in buildings and installations.

    Main indicators

    • Length 1200 ± 3 mm
    • Thickness from 30 ± 2 mm to 495 ± 2 mm
    • Inside diameter from 10 +3/-0 mm to 940 +3/-0 mm
  • PVC insulation coating