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Choose from a large variety of Multilayer pipes and fittings, PPR melting systems, Brass, Cooper, Stainless steel and Galvanized cast iron pipes and fittings, Non-threaded connections and Compression fittings from all leading manufacturers for the best price and shipping throughout all Europe.

Choose from a large variety of Multilayer pipes and fittings, PPR melting systems, Brass, Cooper, Stainless steel and Galvanized cast iron pipes and fittings, Non-threaded connections and Compression fittings from all leading manufacturers for the best price and shipping throughout all Europe.



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    Company HP trend, s.r.o., seated in Ludgeřovice near Ostrava, was established in 1997, having taken over the company HYDROPLAST. Currently, it has employed 130 employees and it has belonged among the biggest producers of piping systems of plastics for cold and warm water distribution, under-floor heating and pressurized air in the Czech Republic.

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  • PP-R melting system
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    Press connector systems with press connectors and pipes made of non-​alloy steel 1.0308 (E235), in acc. with DIN EN 10305‑3, externally galvanised with a zinc layer thickness of 8–15 µm (blue chromatised). 

    Press connectors 
    All sizes with SC‑Contur – connections, which remain unpressed become visible when the system is filled. The SC‑Contur is certified and fulfils the requirements of DVGW worksheet W 534, point 12.14, connectors with forced leakage. 
    During leakage tests with water, Viega guarantees the identification of unpressed connections in the pressure range 0.1 MPa–0.65 MPa, in the case of a dry leakage test with compressed air or noble gases from 22 hPa–0.3 MPa

    Red symbol (to prevent confusion with Sanpress Inox (stainless steel) articles) »Not for drinking water installations« 
    Sealing elements - EPDM 

    Standard sizes: d 12; 15; 18; 22; 28; 35; 42; 54 
    XL sizes: d 64.0; 76.1; 88.9; 108.0 

    Press system pipe versions 
    • System pipe made of non-​alloy steel with the material number 1.0308 (E235), in acc. with DIN EN 10305‑3 externally zinc plated galvanised.
    • System pipe made of non-​alloy steel with the material number 1.0308 (E235), in acc. with DIN EN 10305‑3 externally galvanised with plastic coating made of polypropylene (PP) in white (RAL 9001).
    • System pipe made of non-​alloy steel with the material number 1.0215 (E220), in acc. with DIN EN 10305‑3 internally and externally sendzimir galvanised.

    Areas of application 
    Heating systems 
    Industrial and plant engineering 
    Sprinkler units (sendzimir galvanised pipe) 
    Compressed air units (sendzimir galvanised pipe) 
    Solar installations with flat collectors 
    Solar installations with vacuum collectors (only with FKM sealing element) 
    Cooling water piping 

    Use of the system for application areas and media other than those described here must be agreed with Viega Service Center. 

    Operating conditions with EPDM sealing element 
    • Operating temperature max. 110 °C
    • Operating pressure max. 1.6 MPa (PN 16)

    Note – Limitations of use heating systems 
    Observe VDI 2035 and DIN EN 12828! 

    Use of press tools 
    The functional safety of the Viega press connector systems is primarily dependent on the perfect condition of the press tools and press machines used. For this reason, for the production of press connections, we recommend the use of Viega press tools and their regular inspection by authorised service points. 

    Technical data 
    Press connectors and components are constantly being optimised. If required, the current Z and installation dimensions can be obtained from the download area of the Viega homepage: 

    Storage and transport 
    To ensure the impeccable quality of the Prestabo steel pipes, the following points should be observed during transport and storage: 
    • Packing and protective foil (only with PP coated pipes) should not be removed until immediately before use.
    • The pipe ends must be closed with protective caps when delivered.
    • Do not store the pipes directly on the bare floor.
    • Do not stick any protective foils or plastics to the pipe surfaces.
    • When loading and unloading, do not pull the steel pipes over the truck sill.

    Protection against external corrosion 
    Prestabo pipes and connectors are protected by external galvanisation. In case of contact with dampness (condensation, precipitation during the construction phase, plaster and splash water etc.) or corrosive building materials (surfacer, levelling screed etc.), however this layer of zinc cannot provide permanent protection against external corrosion. The following protective measures are recommended: 
    • Use of closed-​cell insulating tubes with professional sealing of all abutting and cut edges using a suitable filler.
    • Damp-​proofing of the laid pipe through separating foil in the floor construction.
    • Installing pipes outside areas at risk of moisture.
    • Visible radiator connections rising from the floors should be avoided if floors will be frequently cleaned with water and/or cleaning agents/disinfectants, for example in retirement homes and care homes as well as hospitals. Wall connections make cleaning easier and also exclude any additional risk of corrosion.
    • If the radiator connections do come from the floor, professional corrosion protection and professional sealing of the joints must be ensured. If not, there is a possibility that the cleaning water will penetrate, which will moisten the insulation and present the risk of corrosion.

    If the measures in the examples above fail to provide permanent protection against dampness or the areas of use are connected with special requirements, e.g. in cooling circuits, complete external corrosion protection, which reliably prevents influences that lead to corrosion must be applied.
  • Galvanized steel system SANHA

    The SANHA®-Therm installation system consists of tried and trusted SANHA®-Therm press fittings from carbon steel (c-steel) with a black sealing ring from EPDM (ethylene propylene dien rubber monomere) and SANHA®-Therm carbon steel pipes according to EN 10305-3.

    The carefully manufactured installation systen and its components offer an economically attractive solution for closed heating installations. At the same time, SANHA®-Therm ist especially well suited for pressurised air and fire extinguishing systems according to EN 10346 (DZ version). The variant "Contiflo" also offers galvanized system pipes which are characterized by being easy to bend. Our C-steel system is furthermore available as a LABS*-/silicone free version (series 27000).

    Carbon steel pipes need special treatment concerning corrosion and can therefore only be used when all relevant general norms and regulations arefollowed.

    SANHA®-Therm press fittings are marked with a red dot on the outside.

  • Cinkotā tērauda sist. KAN-Therm
  • Stainless steel system NiroSan

    The installation system consists of high-grade NiroSan® press fittings with an EPDM (ethylene propylene diene rubber) moulded sealing ring and NiroSan® stainless steel system pipes according to EN 10312.

    Premium material stainless steel

    All NiroSan® press fittings are made from the premium stainless steel type 1.4404 / AISI 316L (for pressing components) and 1.4408 (for precision cast threaded stainless steel components). The material 1.4404 contains at least 2.3 % molybdenum, yet less carbon than the conventional type 1.4401. For this reason material no 1.4404/316L is a superior material with higher corrosion resistance than standard stainless steels.

    Certified quality

    The NiroSan® press system and its components are certified in accordance with the rules and regulations of all important European certification bodies.

    Silicone free version

    All press fittings are also available in a silicone free version with an EPDM o ring.

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