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  • K-Flex ST

    K-FLEX ST is suitable for all applications both civil and industrial that require the use of insulation material, without neglecting the price/quality relationship: refrigeration, air-conditioning, heating and plumbing, tanks, pipe fittings and water ducts.

    Operating temperature: -200ºС - +105 ºС

    Heat conductivity coefficient λ W / (m • K):

    at -100ºС = 0,024

    at  -50ºС = 0,029

    at  0ºС = 0,036

    at +20ºС = 0,038

    Vapor diffusion resistance according to DIN 52516: μ≥ 10000

    Density kg / m3 = 65 ± 25

  • K-Flex Duct
  • K-Flex AL Clad

    The AL CLAD SYSTEM is a complete K-FLEX elastomeric insulation system coupled with a multilayered covering, resistant to ultraviolet rays and atmospheric agents. Because of its excellent physical properties, AL CLAD SYSTEM is extremely robust and shock-resistant, reduces application time and is easy to maintain. AL CLAD SYSTEM offers a wide range of products and accessories to meet all the installer’s requirements.

  • K-Flex Solar HT

    The perfect solution for solar panels and industrial processes up to150°C. Revolutionary new packaging, tailor-made for the client, with practical and economical advantages for use and distribution. Box dimensions: 395 x 580 x 580 mm 

    • Operating temperature: up to +175 ºС
    • Heat conductivity coefficient λ W / (m • K):
    • at 0ºС = 0,038
    • at +20ºС = 0,040
    • Vapor diffusion resistance according to DIN 52516: μ≥ 4000
    • Density kg / m3 = 70 ± 25
  • K-Flex Twin Solar

    K-FLEX TWIN SOLAR SYSTEM the complete system with: Stainless Steel AISI 316L tubes, K-FLEX SOLAR HT insulation, High mechanical resistant protective film, Complete range of fittings, Range of accessories.

  • K-Flex accessories