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Just like everything else around us, the sales industry is constantly changing, and our online store is just the next logical step towards the modern business model, where Internet has become one of the strongest and most convenient players in the everyday shopping experience.

Our goal is to make shopping on the Internet a delightful, cost-effective and, most importantly, convenient way to shop.

"I've been working in the plumbing industry for almost 20 years, of which I have devoted the last 7 years to the development and continuous improvement of this online store."

Kaspars Dziedātājs- director and author of idea.



As you can see, our SANEL.LV team is not big, but it doesn't mean it stops us from being very responsive, and always serve all our clients in a timely manner. We always look at the wishes of each client with a personal approach and then provide the solution that is the most suitable for each particular situation. As a team, we always focus on the quality of the execution of tasks and continuous development- by looking for ways to improve the efficiency and quality of how we deliver our work to you.

We care about our customers. We work while everyone else is sleeping - we work, so you can find us - and when you do, so you can see that you don't need looking elsewhere ever again.

Why choose to shop on SANEL.LV?

Our main goal is to offer you the best quality of service- with a striking difference from other online stores, with always fast processing of orders, responsiveness and positive attitude- So you can see us as a trusted company to which you can always rely on- A company that takes care of you.

You can be convinced that whenever you chose to work with us- you will always receive a 100% return on your goal- because we are on the market, not just to sell, but to give you a high added value with what we do best.

"Client satisfaction is our most important business indicator."

While we have been in the plumbing and heating industry, we have identified and recognized the market's biggest stumbling blocks, which make buying plumbing and heating products online over-complicated and sometimes even impossible. Therefore, we have developed our own system where the online shopping process has been made easy and convenient with understandable product categories, various filtering options of parameters, manufacturers and product types, convenient product finder, product comparator and a convenient ordering process with different delivery and payment methods.


When choosing SANEL.LV as your partner in buying plumbing and heating products you will always recieve the manufacturer's warranty for all products purchased on our store. Also you will have the option of recieving back your money or exchange the product for another if the ordered product/-s does not fit your needs or is broken upon recieving.

We provide shipping to all European countries.

On the basis of these values, we have also gained recognition from the manufacturers becoming the official representatives for products of:

sanel_lv_parstOn our store, you will find more than 40'000 plumbing and heating products from all leading manufacturers. SANEL.LV is a company with more than 7 years of experience in e-commerce, and in these years of experience, we have delivered more than 15'000 orders.