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Choose from a large variety of Bathroom furniture from all leading manufacturers for the best price and shipping throughout all Europe.

Choose from a large variety of Bathroom furniture from all leading manufacturers for the best price and shipping throughout all Europe.



  • Riva

    Furniture designed to deal with bathroom climate conditions

    The furniture we produce is suitable for humid bathroom conditions. Vanities are made of moisture-resistant MFC (melamine faced chipboard) and MDF (medium density fiberboard), which withstands humidity if properly finished. Thus, to protect boards from water penetration, we cover its edges with PVC or ABS strips and coat the surfaces with polyurethane paints. 

    Mirrored cabinets and side units, having less direct contact with water, are made of firm and stable MFC and smooth surface MDF boards.

    Even if furniture is suitable for bathroom, sustained moisture and continuous contact with water can damage the furniture. Thus, we recommend ensuring good ventilation in the bathroom and immediately draining splashes of water from the surface.

    Soft - closing hinges and soft/self-closing drawer slides

    The furniture is equipped with soft-closing hinges and soft/self-closing drawer slides. Soft-closing system gently slows the movement of doors and drawer. While self-closing function pull the drawer to the fully closed position very smoothly and effortless. These furniture fittings are not only a pleasure to use – they also have a longer service life than ordinary fittings. 

    During assembly the hinges are not drilled but pressed with equipment of Austrian firm “GANNOmat”. Thanks to this technology, the hinges in the furniture are fixed precisely and sustainably.

    Rich, long - lasting color and gloss of painted surfaces

    The furniture is painted with polyurethane paint which makes coated surfaces perfectly smooth, easy to clean, moisture-proof, friction resistant, meanwhile the color and gloss remain unchanged for a long time. 

    Thanks to advanced two-component dyeing equipment we use (GRACO and WAGNER), the dyes are prepared very precisely ensuring that the color and gloss do not vary between furniture. 

    Furthermore, by continuously executing MDF painting orders, we have gained experience ensuring the high quality of our painted processes. We always strive to make the painted surface smooth, rich in color and featuring a proper gloss.

  • Akvarodos
  • Duravit


  • Gustavsberg
  • IFO
  • Jika
  • Kame

    KAME bathroom furniture collection consists of eight comfortable and durable bathroom furniture ranges completed with bathroom and furniture accessories. Enjoy creating your unique bathroom with KAME.

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  • Kolo
  • Raguvos Baldai
  • Ravak

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  • Roca
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Showing 1 - 60 of 2439 items